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On the 28th of April 2020 we participate in World Day for Safety and Health at Work or World Day for Health and Safety; recognising the great challenge that governments, employers, workers and societies are facing worldwide, in the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is addressing the outbreak of infectious diseases at workin particular the current global pandemic.

Health and Safety is paramount for the success of the PCE GROUP of Companies, keeping the business moving forward in an accident free direction.   We remain fully committed to overcoming challenges such as COVID-19 and those that may arise in the future; maintaining an engaged, well informed and safe workforce.  On Tuesday 28th April 2020, we will reflect on all elements of Health and Safety, as well as the value we place on maintaining our compliant working environment.

We caught up with Mark Fiske (Health and Safety Coordinator) who has shared his thoughts on HSE and COVID-19?.

COVID-19 aside, what has been your biggest focus over the past 12 months?

“Throughout the last 12 months, the size of our workforce has doubled, which in turn has increased the potential risks Staff safety is always is at the forefrontso staff training, and continuous re-evaluation of risk is pivotal.  We ensure our staff are trained to the highest degree and they fully understand that safety never takes a day off.   We have worked to deliver a comprehensive range of procedures and measures to safeguard our team and any visitor, such as designated walkways, area permits and mandatory provision of PPE in higher risk areas“.

What steps have PCE taken in the fight against COVID-19?

The PCE GROUP have taken all necessary steps to ensure our team can safely maintain production levels.  More importantly we have safeguarded our team and their loved ones, by reducing the number of staff in the building at one time, so that social distancing can be maximised.  We have also supported our office based staff by providing the means to work from home, further reducing exposure.  We are fully committed to the national effort of protecting our care system, of which my wife is a part”. 

What extra cleaning provisions have been made?

 ”With the number of staff on site at one time minimised we have also taken steps to increase cleaning operations.  Our fantastic squad of cleaners swarm our facilities (between shifts) to execute a daily deep clean, prior to the next shift starting.  We have increased the amount of hand sanitiser stations and PPE (such as gloves) materials; as well as posters and information to promote increased hand washing activity, to really drive the message home.  As with all things, COVID is a fast moving situation and we continue to actively assess the ongoing situation, so that we can act quickly to mitigate any new, or evolving risks to embed a proportionate response”..

In conclusion Mark commented  We are proud of our safety culture and that our entire workforce takes the Health and Safety of themselves, colleagues and visitors very seriously.  Our success is a team effort and undoubtedly without our fantastic team, we wouldn’t have achieved such a high safety standard for everyone who works within, or visits PCE locations

The PCE GROUP are also acutely aware of mental health repercussions, therefore are also actively encouraging that we support each other through these unprecedented times; providing the team with any support they need.

World Day of safety and health at work.

Image: Mark Fiske PCE GROUP Health and Safety Coordinator.

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