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This year saw us visit the Med Tech Expo at the NEC.

The event was an opportunity for both group members (PCE Automation Ltd and db Automation Ltd) to exhibit as the newly formed PCE GROUP.

Attendance this year was at a high, with an expansion of the show floor accommodating a record number of exhibitors.

Our High Speed Robot served as an example of how the PCE GROUP can seamlessly blend complementary technologies, such as High Speed Robotics and Vision Inspection; producing solutions that deliver ultimate levels of speed and precision, demonstrating how investment in automation with the PCE GROUP can future-proof your business.

Utilising a Rockwell Automation control system, our expert programming fully harnessed the dynamicity of the Codian robot and the precision of Fisher Smith vision inspection camera technology.  Fisher Smith are a key alliance partner of the PCE GROUP and collaborate with us at all levels on all vision inspection projects.

The Med Tech Expo enabled us to demonstrate;

  • Product Tracking and Character Recognition
  • Remote Condition Monitoring
  • High Speed, accurate placement of intricate products (Circa 150ppm)
  • Mid-flight realignment of incorrectly orientated product.

The HS robot simplifies the most intricate of product handling processes and is readily deployable within industries that demand clinical levels of excellence and precision, for continuous automation processes.

Exhibiting our High Speed Robot at MedTech has led to positive reviews and some potential leads for our team.

Nick Parker MD at db automation part of the PCE GROUP, was present at the exhibition “The stand caused a real buzz, with everyone commenting on the quality and the number of visitors to the stand.  The machine caught the attention of organisers and visitors throughout the two days.”

“Many of the visitors to the stand had not had the opportunity to work with the PCE GROUP, so the exposure from the exhibition alone was excellent.”

“Our bespoke machine provided an element of fun, as visitors could participate in a robotic automated game of bingo. Our robots are able to provide continuous automation, at an effective cost, which is advantageous for both the medical and pharmaceutical industries, due to the efficiency, effectiveness and precision required.”

“It really has been a full team effort from start to finish, demonstrating how strong we are as the group, as well as the quality of our work.”

Initial data shows that the event connected almost 3,000 attendees across the two days, from 34 different countries. We look forward to becoming a partner in automation with many of them.

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