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For over 30 years the gaming industry worked in a certain prescribed manner. Multiple changes in technology radically changed the industry, resulting in a plethora of different formats; providing the gamer with more control, ease of access and a gaming experience within their own home, which was only previously achievable within an arcade environment.

Automation has played a massive part within this change. Take console manufacturing for a start. Each console is created utilising a casing which incorporates the processing capacity, utilising automated machinery to produce on spec detailed products (en masse), fit for the consumer.

There are now many options for purchasing and enhancing the gaming experience; from online downloads to the traditional purchase of physical media, from retail outlets.  Customers still crave the satisfaction of queueing outside our high street gaming emporiums to be the first to hold their coveted pre-order.

db automation are very much part of the consumer end of this industry, utilising our skills, to deploy automations which apply the hot foil decorative aspects of gaming cases.  db automation build a range of high speed Hot Foiling systems, capable of processing up to 45 parts per minute.

The system benefits from high resolution vision inspection, ensuring your finished product is printed to and meets the quality requirements.

With the benefit of either integrating into other equipment or having it as a stand alone unit, this equipment offers you the flexibility for your production layout.

The system offers precise and repeatable positioning of the product beneath the printing head, ensuring highest quality end product is guaranteed.

Put simply, the logo at the top of your Blu Ray case or recent game purchase, or the embossing on the top, could well have been created using one of our machines.

With Industry 4.0 is leading discussion across many sectors,  it is important to highlight how many industries have already used these capabilities and have been utilising this resource for productivity and profitability over many years.

Technology and automation span a number of industries and should not be feared.  Automation can enhance business and provide opportunity to invest in reskilling staff.  It is important to observe how technology and automation has improved our everyday lives.  We are proof. There may just be a little of db automation in your home without you even knowing about it!

Emma Varney-Long

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