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As part of the PCE GROUP, db automation will be regular participants within the PCE GROUP blog, their first post approaches the subject of how automation can improve your business. At db automation our aim is to look at the positive growth and potential of your business.

There is one barrier for us, the concept that automation will eradicate the work force and replace humans. Films, media, literature have all had an impact on the opinion of us as individuals, not just here in the UK but also in America and other areas were the transition to automation is taking place.

People tend to assume that automation will affect every area in the same way. Many are led to believe that negatives and job loss will cause issue, and have never thought of how a distributed automation system across a business will give opportunity and enhance businesses within the UK and across the U.S.A.

Yes there will be a change.
It is a high-stakes question, for a business, however the bottom line is profit over loss, how we can improve and give opportunity to staff and how do our customers and consumers benefit from utilising automation?

The knowledge that certain people will have to accept change requires an understanding how our machines will improve the economies of individual cities, areas and countries.

By educating and carefully preparing the workforces, this can resolve the anxiety of your workforce, making them party to the change and see it as a positive.

It also provides businesses with opportunity to what portion of jobs in each area are likely to be automated in coming decades, creating a plan, that will reduce head count but also provide the opportunity to up-skill staff whilst becoming more profitable.

For example one of our automation systems for de-moulding and testing medical device containers, has enabled the business too more closely inspect mouldings for defects and holes, reducing customer complaints, increasing productivity and profit. This was achieved by commissioning a complete high cavitation automation cell to handle and validate the mouldings, using electro-discharge methods, rejecting and segregating those which fail with holes. measuring just microns.

Our automation:

• Delivers consistently high quality products and customer service results and happier, long-term customers.
• Quality automation ensures that every action is performed identically – resulting in high quality, reliable results.
• Consistency: If, for example, you have automated your customer service follow-up process, your customers will consistently experience the same level of service from your business
• Time saving
• Improved operational efficiency
• Reliability and governance consistency of automated processes means you can rely on (a) your business processes to operate and (b) you can offer reliable processes to your customers, maintaining competitive advantage. The reliability of workflow automation ensures that processes essential for corporate governance are executed 100% of the time in accordance with legislation.
• Reduced times and costs automation allows companies to define and streamline their business processes. Eliminating unnecessary tasks and realign process steps to optimise the flow of information throughout your production. This adjustment of processes distills your operational performance and reduces the turnaround times for both staff and external customers/consumers.
• Manual tasks, that are performed one-at-a-time and at a slower rate without automation will cost more. Automation allows you to accomplish more by utilising fewer resources.

There will always be adversity towards automation or any change, our Area Managers are able to provide a service from quotation to completion, with onsite care and availability to prepare you and your workforce for the changes ahead.

We have become part of the PCE GROUP, as we embrace change, growth and productivity as a business, have supported our staff in the transition we too have had a large amount of change, for the better of our work force and for our customers.

We believe in leading by example, and as we become your partner in automation we will support you on this progressive journey.


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